Our stencils in restoration: The Nagele Merz Dining room restoration

Combination of stencils and linework recreate the frieze
Some of you have asked to see our stencils as used in the real world and here are some photos of the Naegele-Merz house Dining Room restoration. This restoration uses all the disciplins of art stencilling in the Victorian era. From stencils used in several ways , to multiple line work and muralist decoration. It also illustrates the use of decorative gold to create "bloom" in a room where details become apparent as one walks around a room. We are still working on this unique Neo grec restoration and this previews several new stencils that will be released  soon.

 The small border was used to create the wall panel and you can see the gold emblems in the field

Here you can see one of the four corner block design on the ceiling

This is the middle ceiling intersect panel. There are four of these in the design

Each of the four main fill celiling panels will have this deign. Done in gold ,these stencils are reflective at night and create what is known as 'bloom'. The design appears to light up as you walk around the room.

Here youi can see the center ceiling sky mural recreation. This mural will be aged to have a period look amd be the focal point for the "gas light" chandelier


Alyssa N. said...

Where can I buy the floral-y stencil? It's gorgeous

Paul Wilham said...

Are you referring to the ceiling one/ Not sure about what you mean by floral-y. Bloom works best on a dark ceiling but you could achieve a similar effect on a white ceiling by using a silvery color or to a lesser effect by a cream with high amount of gloss in it.